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A few simple, cheap ingredients, which you most likely have in your home right now, are the solution to a problem faced by many Romanians.

Find out, from the lines below, how to prepare the powerful mixture that permanently rids you of the ants in the house.

As the temperatures outside rise, those who live at home face a problem that gives them a lot of trouble – the appearance of unwanted guests: mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and other insects.

Although there is no shortage of products on store shelves that promise to eliminate many species, they contain toxic chemicals. However, there are also natural but equally effective alternatives.

“The chemicals could pollute groundwater and kill butterflies, bees and other important insects when used to get rid of ants. (…)

Instead, try these natural remedies to get rid of ants in your home and yard. They are less harmful to the environment, to you, to your family and to your pets,” advises Ahmed Mezil, cleaning expert at Hella Maid.

You only need a few common, cheap ingredients, which you most likely already have at home, to prepare a powerful mixture that can get rid of ants in your home for good.

The trick was revealed by Ahmed Mezil, a cleaning expert at Hella Maid. It is a mixture consisting of equal parts of sugar and baking soda or baby powder.

Sugar attracts ants while baking soda and baby powder quickly absorb moisture from their bodies and they die of dehydration.

“Both baking soda and baby powder suffocate ants by blocking the spiracles, which are breathing pores in their exoskeleton. Baking soda will cause an internal chemical reaction.

The ants will be attracted to the sugar, from which they will feed, but they will also take it to the garbage, so that other ants can consume it. They will eat the sugar and baking soda and die,” explained Ahmed Mezil.