Prince Harry is set to make a trip back to the U.K., but he will be going alone, leaving behind his wife Meghan Markle. While speculations have risen about the reasons for Meghan’s absence, a royal expert reveals the true motive behind her decision.

It has been quite some time since Meghan has been in England, with her last visit being after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022.

Since then, tensions within the royal family have escalated, leading to debates about Meghan attending King Charles’ coronation. However, she did not participate, and subsequent visits by Prince Harry have been solo endeavors.

Royal expert Charlotte Griffiths has shed some light on Prince Harry’s upcoming journey, stating that Meghan is purposely choosing to stay away. Griffiths explains, “It’s a really important part of Harry’s soul, and the kind of thing he’d want his wife, maybe even his kids, by his side for.” This suggests that Meghan’s decision is not based on security concerns, but rather personal reasons.

According to Griffiths, Meghan’s reluctance to return to the U.K. is rooted in her anticipation of a negative reception.

Griffiths goes on to explain, “If she was to come to the U.K., it would bring up terrible memories of the past for her and awkward moments when she was in various churches and things.”

It seems that Meghan wants to avoid reliving difficult experiences and facing potential scrutiny.

One particular memory that may have influenced Meghan’s decision is their attendance at a thanksgiving service for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

As Meghan and Harry exited the church, they were met with disapproving murmurs from the crowd, dampening their joyous mood.

This, combined with the public attention they have received since then, including their Netflix docuseries and Harry’s tell-all book, suggests that Meghan could expect a challenging reception if she were to return to England.

Kinsey Scofield, another commentator, highlights Meghan’s aversion to public rejection. She emphasizes, “She does not want to be booed or humiliated on a global scale.” It is understandable that Meghan would want to protect herself from such experiences and preserve her well-being.

Prince Harry’s upcoming trip for the Invictus Games anniversary highlights Meghan’s conspicuous absence. It is evident that personal reasons, rather than just security concerns, are the driving force behind her decision. Meghan prioritizes her emotional well-being and avoids situations that may resurrect painful memories or subject her to public judgment.

What do you think is the most significant factor influencing Meghan Markle’s decision to stay away from the U.K.?