Food scraps, oils, fats, detergents… all of these elements are poured daily into the sink, resulting in stains, unpleasant smells, and in some cases, blockages.

Facing these inconveniences, you often think about calling a plumber. Instead, save money and first opt for a home solution that will quickly solve the problem.

Sewer pipes tend to get clogged often. Except that we don’t always have the specific products on hand. However, when facing such an obstacle, the sewer pipe no longer allows water to pass.

And it’s very annoying since we can no longer use the sink under these conditions. An unexpected solution? Salt. Quickly find out how it will save your day!

Why is it a good idea to pour salt into the sink?

Regularly putting a spoonful of salt into the kitchen sink’s drain will greatly reduce the risk of clogging. You may be surprised, but salt is not just for seasoning your dishes and enhancing the flavor of food. It has remarkable cleaning properties, which are particularly useful for alleviating countless household situations at home.

Therefore, salt helps break down fat deposits, hair, and all dirt residues that clog the sink, cleaning all pipes in the process. As a bonus, it helps neutralize unpleasant odors emanating from the clogged drain. Rest assured, as salt is safe, this method will not damage your sink.

If you have large, high-quality pipes, you don’t need to use salt every day. It is sufficient to practice the method a few times a week, ideally at night. The next morning, your sink will be fully functional!

Another remedy: if you notice that the plug is really stubborn, don’t hesitate to mix the salt with baking soda and white vinegar. This ruthless trio will not only degrease the area and unclog the drain but also drive away all unpleasant smells. To do this, mix a spoonful of salt and another of baking soda. Pour everything into the sink and add a glass of vinegar. Let it act for a few hours. Then rinse with boiling water. Your sink will be like new!

Salt: a remarkable cleaning agent

Using salt as a cleaning product has many benefits in the house. On one hand, it is a natural disinfectant that aids in efficiently eliminating bacteria and other harmful microbes. On the other hand, salt is an excellent deodorizer that will be especially useful for removing all sorts of unpleasant smells emanating from toilets.

Make-up remover, disinfectant, bleaching agent, and degreaser, you can rely on it to fight grease, stains, and dirt embedded in various elements. Finally, what doesn’t hurt at all, it is a very affordable and eco-friendly cleaning product. In other words, salt is an excellent alternative to expensive and environmentally harmful products.

Other unsuspected uses of salt

It not only adds flavor to your dishes, but it is also a valuable ally for household chores!

Degrease kitchen utensils

Pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils are often covered with layers of fat. Admit that the task is often tiring to achieve impeccable cleaning. Fortunately, salt is there to make your life easier. Trust it to save time and make cleaning easier.

Clean the inside of the washing machine and dishwasher

These two household appliances are indispensable at home. But, over time and wear, they tend to slow down and no longer work optimally. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary to preserve your clothes and dishes. This is precisely where salt comes in: thanks to all its cleaning properties, it will make your devices shine.

If you pour it into the washing machine’s tray, it will fight against limescale deposits, as well as residues in the internal pipes that hinder the correct functioning of your washing machine. And, if you pour a little into the drum, then you will take care of the rubber elements and the entire interior of the machine.

The same principle applies to the dishwasher: if you pour salt inside and run an empty wash cycle, you will be able to brilliantly clean the pipes, the filter, and all the internal elements of the device. Dirt residues will no longer be relevant!