Hot dogs have always been a favorite for many people. Whether it’s at a barbecue, a sporting event, or just a quick snack, hot dogs are a go-to food for many. However, a recent video that went viral has left some people feeling disgusted and questioning what goes into making these tasty treats.

The video in question originally aired on the Discovery Channel back in 2019 but resurfaced on social media recently. It shows the process of making hot dogs, revealing that they are made from a mixture of pork, beef, and chicken. However, what is most shocking is that the meat used is not fresh but rather comes from scraps and by-products.

While some enthusiasts claim that the video only made them crave even more hot dogs, others have lost their appetite after learning about the production process. Hot dogs, which originated in Germany, go through a grinding process where the meat is mixed with chicken scraps, food starch, salt, and various flavorings.

The mixture is then sprayed with water and everything is combined in a large container. Producers add corn syrup and sweeteners to enhance the taste. To ensure the hot dogs are juicy, more water is added, and the mixture is processed into a smooth emulsion. In reality, hot dogs are made from a blend of meat scraps, tendons, fat, and various other parts, which can contain up to 40% fat. Mechanically separated meat (MDM) is also added, which is essentially a mixture of leftover parts such as tendons.

In addition to the high fat content, hot dogs also contain nitrite and sodium nitrate (E250 and E251), which prevent the growth of botulism bacteria and give the sausages their appetizing pink color. They also contain monosodium glutamate, or MSG (E621), a substance that enhances the flavor of food.

Despite their seemingly harmless appearance, hot dogs lack quality and are loaded with fats and additives. Alongside sausages, salami, and other processed meats, they are frequently found in the daily diets of children, whether at daycare, school, or home. In addition to the other harmful additives, hot dogs also contain a high amount of sodium, which is not good for our health, according to Liana Conţiu, a nutritionist and dietitian specializing in Clinical and Community Nutrition.

The shocking revelation made by the narrator of the video is that a row of hot dogs, enough to cover the length of a stadium, can be made in just 35 seconds!

After the hot dogs are made, they are passed through a liquid smoke shower before being transferred to an oven. Finally, they are soaked in salted water to cool down and are ready for packaging.

Many viewers who watched the video expressed their disgust at the production process, with comments like, “I don’t think I will ever eat hot dogs again,” or “I’m glad I don’t usually eat hot dogs.” Some even mentioned that this is the reason why they want to become vegan, although they admit that hot dogs taste really good.

So, the next time you bite into a hot dog, you may want to consider what exactly is in it. While they may be a popular snack, it’s always good to know the truth about the foods we consume.