The story of Tina and her husband Brian is a testament to the power of quick thinking, medical expertise, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of life-threatening emergencies.

Tina, while traveling with Brian, her partner of thirty years, suffered a sudden heart attack, a moment that would test their courage and strength in unimaginable ways.

Brian’s swift response to Tina’s critical condition was nothing short of heroic. When he realized she wasn’t breathing, he immediately began performing CPR, a crucial decision that likely saved her life at that moment. However, the ordeal was far from over.

From the time the ambulance arrived to her admission into the hospital, Tina’s condition remained dire. She required resuscitation six times by medical professionals, her heart stopping on several occasions. For a harrowing 27 minutes, Tina was clinically “dead,” highlighting the precarious nature of her situation.

This incident underscores the vital importance of CPR training and the need for prompt medical intervention during heart attacks. It also showcases the incredible determination and skill of the medical team who worked tirelessly to keep Tina alive.

In the hospital, Tina, a mother of four, remained unconscious and unable to communicate for some time. This prompted Brian, standing steadfastly by her side, to turn to prayer, hoping for her recovery. His prayers were answered when, against all odds, Tina regained consciousness.

However, the severity of her condition was still a looming threat. Struggling to communicate, Tina gestured for a pen and paper. With all her remaining strength, she scrawled a message that left everyone in the room anxious. The content of her message was of paramount importance, both to her family and the medical staff attending to her.

The remarkable survival story of Tina, including her near-death experience and the chilling message she felt compelled to share, is captured in an awe-inspiring video. This narrative is not merely a recounting of events; it delves into the depth and richness of her experience, providing a powerful perspective on the ordeal.

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