Jimmy Carter, the former President of the United States, faced a profound personal loss with the passing of his wife, Rosalynn Carter, on November 19.

The couple, who shared a deep and enduring bond, spent their final days together in hospice care at their home in Plains, Georgia. Rosalynn Carter, aged 96, served as the First Lady from 1977 to 1981 and was known for her significant contributions to humanitarian work, particularly through the Carter Center.

Earlier in the year, Rosalynn was diagnosed with dementia, a condition that saw her health gradually decline. Her situation worsened after contracting an infection resistant to antibiotic treatment, leading to a rapid deterioration in her health. During these final and challenging moments, Jimmy Carter remained a steadfast companion by her side.

In the last hours of Rosalynn’s life, Jimmy Carter, confined to a wheelchair due to his own health issues, remained close to her. In a poignant and heart-wrenching decision, he asked for privacy to spend some final moments alone with his beloved wife.

Subsequently, arrangements were made to move his hospice bed next to hers, allowing them to be together and communicate as much as possible.

The depth of their relationship was evident, even in these sorrowful circumstances. Tragically, by Sunday morning, Rosalynn lost her ability to speak, marking the end of her inspirational life. Jimmy Carter, who has always regarded Rosalynn as his equal partner in all his life’s achievements, is undoubtedly deeply affected by her passing.

Throughout his life, Jimmy Carter has expressed a strong desire to outlive Rosalynn, driven by his commitment to protect and care for her until her last breath. Their son, Chip Carter, reflected on how the family admired and respected this aspect of their father’s dedication to his wife. “We all told him how proud we were of his relationship with her and how he took care of her,” Chip remarked, highlighting the profound nature of their bond.

At 99 years old, Jimmy Carter has faced his own series of health challenges in recent years, leading to his move into hospice care in February following multiple hospital stays. The loss of Rosalynn adds another dimension to the challenges he faces in his advanced age.

The story of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter is a testament to their lifelong partnership, marked by mutual support, love, and shared commitment to service. Their relationship has been an inspiration to many, demonstrating the depth and resilience of companionship through both public service and personal trials.

As the Carter family mourns the loss of Rosalynn, they are enveloped in thoughts and prayers from people around the world. The legacy of Rosalynn Carter, alongside the enduring love story she shared with Jimmy Carter, will continue to resonate and be celebrated. Their journey together, from the halls of political power to the quiet intimacy of their final days in hospice care, reflects a remarkable union of two lives dedicated to each other and to making the world a better place.