Valerie Bertinelli, 63, has recently been let go from her co-hosting role on Food Network’s beloved show, Kids Baking Championship. The news was shared by Bertinelli herself in a heartfelt video on Instagram. Despite the nature of the business decision, Bertinelli expressed how much the show meant to her, especially during the challenging period of her life.

A Difficult Time

The current season of Kids Baking Championship holds a significant place in Bertinelli’s heart. Filmed in the summer of 2022, it coincided with the year of her divorce from Tom Vitale. As she navigated through the challenges of her personal life, the show provided solace and support. In her own words, Bertinelli expressed, “Without sounding like a drama queen, the show saved my life.”

A Disappointing Goodbye

Naturally, Bertinelli feels a profound sense of disappointment that she won’t be returning to the show, especially during this critical season. Not being able to share her triumphs and experiences with her co-workers and contestants is a source of deep sadness for her. She had hoped to return and say, “Hey, I made it through,” as a testament to her resilience.

Gratitude and Good Wishes

In her farewell message, Bertinelli took a moment to express her gratitude towards her co-host, Duff Goldman, and the dedicated team she worked with on Kids Baking Championship. She fondly acknowledged the “really wonderful people” she had the privilege of collaborating with over the span of 12 seasons. Bertinelli also sent her best wishes to the upcoming contestants of the show, assuring them that even though she won’t be physically present, she will be there in spirit, cheering them on.