New information has come to light about Princess Kate Middleton’s battle with a relentless disease that doctors discovered after her surgery earlier this year.

A specialist has explained what is happening with Kate Middleton at the moment and how much her life has changed since she started aggressive treatment for cancer. The Royal Family of Great Britain is going through an extremely challenging time.

In order to put an end to speculation and jokes at her expense, Kate Middleton has decided to reveal, through an online video, that she has been diagnosed with cancer shortly after her surgery earlier this year and that, at the recommendation of her doctors, she has begun a course of preventative chemotherapy to destroy all malignant cells in her body.

Princess Kate is focusing on treatment and recovery, choosing to stay away from the public eye. She has canceled her public appearances, stating that she will resume her royal duties when her health allows.

However, the treatment she is undergoing has significantly changed her life. A doctor explained that during this period, Kate Middleton will have to give up many of her habits. During the cancer treatment, Kate will have to fight not only the disease but also the effects that chemotherapy will have on her body.

Ramia Mokbel, a dermatologist specialized in skin cancer and screening, founder of London Skin and Mole Clinic at HCA Healthcare, pointed out that this preventative chemotherapy can cause “collateral damage” to the human body.

With the start of chemotherapy, Princess Kate’s diet has been completely changed. She will have to endure the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy, such as general weakness, nausea, and even hair loss.

“Preventative chemotherapy, also known as adjuvant chemotherapy, is administered after cancer removal surgery and when scans show no evidence of cancer spread to other parts of the body. Its goal is to eradicate any remaining cancer cells that could migrate through the blood or spread to other organs, such as bone marrow, liver, or lungs.

Since this treatment targets hidden cells, it often causes collateral damage, leading to side effects such as hair loss, low white blood cell count, reduced immunity to infections, and intestinal inflammation,” revealed Professor Ramia Mokbel in an interview with HELLO!

The sources from Buckingham Palace have revealed that preparations for the funeral of King Charles III have already begun. The operation has been named “Menai Bridge” and includes all the details of the monarch’s funeral.

It is not uncommon for the Palace to organize the funeral of a sovereign before their death. It is said that Queen Elizabeth II herself participated in the preparations for her own funeral.

However, it seems that the king has not received good news from his doctors and that the disease is taking its toll on his body. It is rumored that the king has only two more years to live.

“King Charles is much sicker than the Palace lets on! The situation is desperate, cancer is eating him alive, he is very fragile,” declared a close associate from the Palace, according to the publication In Touch.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the Royal Family is going through a difficult time, privacy and respect for their personal lives should be maintained. Let us send our thoughts and well wishes to Princess Kate Middleton and King Charles during this challenging period.