Baking Soda: A classic and effective solution for absorbing and neutralizing odors.

Black Cumin Seed Oil: Mixed with dish soap, it can deodorize a section of your fridge.

Activated Charcoal: Available in various forms, it’s excellent for absorbing moisture and odors.

Vanilla Extract: A cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract can impart a pleasant fragrance.

Newspaper: For tough odors, damp newspaper stored for a few days can absorb unwanted smells.

Additionally, when shopping for a new fridge, consider models with built-in UV light purifiers, which can effectively eliminate bacteria and mold.

Maybe your gallon of milk soured or your leftovers sat just one day too long, but that hallmark stench of spoilage emanating from your refrigerator is nearly impossible to get rid of.

Unless, of course, you follow the TikTok sages who swear by a hack that involves putting toilet paper in the fridge.

You heard that right — your two-ply Charmin Ultra-Soft can soak up odors.

While it may not be the most appetizing sight, the bath tissue absorbs the moisture in the air that can contribute to mold, mildew and foul smells, according to Parade.

Baking soda — which only needs to be swapped every three months compared to TP’s three weeks — is more commonly used to neutralize odors, and, according to Parade, the cost-effective option works better at eliminating both the excess moisture and acids that produce odors.

Toilet paper, however, will do the job if you’re in a pinch.

Parade recommends using a fresh roll, placing it in the back of the fridge away from anything that could leak and throwing away the roll after three weeks — “don’t try to reuse the roll in the bathroom,” the outlet warned.

While there are fridge-specific deodorizers available on the market, other ways to neutralize the stink in your refrigerator include activated charcoal, vanilla, coffee grounds, lemon and oats.

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One TikToker revealed that the stench might not be coming from mysterious spills or spoiled food, but rather the fridge tray, which sits at the back of the refrigerator and collects whatever liquids are drained out.

While storing toilet paper in the fridge might not be everyone’s go-to solution for a fresh-smelling refrigerator, it’s an interesting example of unconventional thinking. Whether you choose to try this method or stick with more traditional deodorizers, there are multiple ways to maintain a fresh and odor-free fridge.