Denise and Mitch were out with their friends Tony, Tina, and Greg at a bar. Mitch was proudly talking about his work on classic cars, boasting about fixing up an old Mustang and a vintage Chevy. His friends were impressed, with Tony even whistling in awe.

Denise, however, had her doubts. She knew about the financial difficulties they were facing with the auto repair shop, which was in her name because of Mitch’s bad credit history. But she decided to stay quiet and let him enjoy his moment.

As Mitch went to get more drinks, a beautiful woman approached him and handed him a note. Denise saw this and her curiosity got the best of her. When Mitch returned, she quickly snatched the note and read it aloud.

It said, “Thanks for last night?” Mitch tried to dismiss it as a prank set up by Tony, but the brokenness in his voice betrayed him. Just then, Denise’s phone received a message notification.

She glanced at the screen and felt a sinking feeling in her gut as she opened the message—an intimate video of Mitch and the beautiful woman in their auto repair shop. It was undeniable evidence of his betrayal.

Feeling a mix of anger and hurt, Denise decided to confront the woman directly. Despite Mitch’s protests, she stormed out of the bar and into the parking lot, where she saw the woman trying to flee.

Denise yelled, “Hey! Get back here!” as she chased after her. Unfortunately, the woman was quick and managed to escape in her car, leaving Denise standing there, coughing from the exhaust smoke.

The next day, Denise couldn’t shake off the feeling of betrayal. She decided to investigate Mitch’s finances, hoping to find evidence of expensive gifts or dinners that would confirm his infidelity.

She powered on his old laptop and began her search using his saved passwords. To her shock, what she discovered was even more alarming than an affair. She found photographs, car parts invoices, and car registration papers, all with matching vehicle identification numbers (VINs). It was clear that Mitch was involved in criminal activities.

Denise almost wished he had been cheating instead. She couldn’t believe what she had stumbled upon. Mitch had been illegally acquiring car parts for their auto repair shop.

She knew she had to confront him and hear the truth from his own mouth. She went to the shop, where Carlos, one of the mechanics, asked her why she was there. Denise demanded to know where Mitch was, her anger barely contained. Carlos pointed her towards the back.

Denise found Mitch arguing with a man in the alley behind the shop. On a whim, she secretly recorded their conversation, capturing Mitch’s visible frustration. It became clear that Mitch was desperate for usable car parts and was protesting the poor quality of what he was being given. The man he was arguing with threatened him with a crankshaft, emphasizing that Mitch owed them.

While Denise was disappointed to learn about Mitch’s criminal activities, she couldn’t help but feel a small sense of relief. In a strange way, she wished that he had only been cheating. At least then, their problem would have been confined to their personal relationship. But now, they were facing legal issues that could ruin their lives.

Denise knew she had to make a difficult decision. She couldn’t stay with a man who was involved in such dangerous activities. It was time for her to leave the in-laws’ home and build a new life for herself, free from the lies and deceit.