William and Kate Middleton ‘not as perfect as it seems’: Inside their rocky relationship

Being part of one of the most famous and influential families in the world, Prince William and Kate Middleton have always garnered a lot of attention from the public and the media.

From the moment they started dating, all eyes were on them. However, despite their picture-perfect image, their relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years.

When they first met through mutual friends, Kate admitted feeling shy and even going bright red. It took some time for them to get to know each other.

According to the documentary The Day Will and Kate Got Married, which aired in April 2021, they were initially just good friends. But one night, everything changed.

During a student fashion show, Kate wore a sheer dress that caught the attention of the Prince. From that moment on, their relationship took a different turn.

“A switch had been flicked, he suddenly saw her in a different light, and I really believe that was the turning point in their relationship,” said Vanity Fair’s royal correspondent, Katie Nicholl, in the documentary.

It wasn’t an easy journey for William and Kate. Like any other couple, they had their fair share of challenges. They split in 2007 and took some time apart to “find themselves,” as both of them mentioned later.

However, they got back together in 2008 and William proposed to Kate in 2010. Today, they are stronger than ever, with three children and years of shared experiences.

Despite their royal status, William and Kate make sure to find quality time for each other. They enjoy doing normal activities, like going to the local pub for a night out or cooking bolognese and watching TV together. These moments remind them of their student days when their love story first began.

But just like any other couple, William and Kate have their differences. Royal author Tom Quinn revealed that their marriage is not as placid and perfect as it may seem.

They have their fair share of arguments and days when they don’t even talk to each other. However, they both have a remarkable ability to remain composed and measured in their communication.

“Both of them have stuck to the thing that made the late Queen such a remarkable monarch. They very, very rarely complain. And when they do, it’s always in measured terms,” Quinn explained.

Quinn also highlighted the constant pressure and scrutiny they face from palace aides, comparing it to a Jane Austen novel. Kate is known for her calmness and level-headedness. She often diffuses tense situations and tries to avoid stirring up trouble. On the other hand, William can be a bit hotheaded at times, but Kate’s presence helps maintain a sense of calm in their relationship.

While their relationship may have its challenges, William and Kate’s love continues to grow. They have learned to navigate the pressures of their position and prioritize their connection. Despite the image of perfection, their relationship is a testament to the fact that every couple has their struggles.

So, the next time you see a picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looking flawless, remember that their relationship is just as real as yours, with its own triumphs and tribulations.