Online cheating has become a major concern for many people, and a woman in Romania fell prey to this method, losing €1,300 to a sentimental scam.

As reported by the media, Elena, a Romanian based in Ourense, Spain, was the victim of an online scam involving her alleged relationship with the famous American actor Brad Pitt.

Elena, a victim of an online scam

Under the pretext of being Brad Pitt, an individual approached the woman on the TikTok platform and managed to convince her to join a VIP group. The conversations later moved to WhatsApp, where the scammer managed to gain Elena’s trust using fake pictures and documents.

After being tricked into sending €1,300, the woman realized she had fallen prey to a scam and took steps to report the incident.

A story of deception with an unhappy ending
Elena was persuaded to make bank transfers to alleged Brad Pitt under the guise of a gift or a package held at customs.

Although she initially sent the amount requested by the scammer, he continued to ask for additional money, putting the woman in a difficult financial situation. Local authorities have warned that this type of fraud is very serious and that crimes of this kind are punished according to the law.

Elena, like any other victim of an online scam, shared her experience as a warning to others, stressing the importance of caution in online interactions.

When dealing with romance scams or identity scams, it is essential to be vigilant and report incidents to the appropriate authorities to stop criminal activities.

Elena’s story is a powerful warning about the dangers hidden in online interactions. In the virtual world, where identities can be easily faked, it is crucial to be skeptical and verify information before making financial or personal decisions.

So caution and vigilance are key qualities in protecting against online scams.