Judy Farrell, a veteran actress remembered for her portrayal of Nurse Able in the beloved sitcom “MAS*H,” passed away at the age of 84 .

Her career in television spanned several decades, featuring roles in various popular shows, including “Get Smart,” “The Partridge Family,” and “Quincy, M.E.” Beyond her acting endeavors, Farrell also made her mark as a writer, contributing to the scripting of 131 episodes of the TV series “Port Charles.”

Judy Farrell’s journey in the entertainment industry was marked by her versatile talent and dedication. Her role in “MASH,” which she held from 1976 to 1983, brought her into the limelight.

During her tenure on the show, she worked alongside a talented cast, including Loretta Swit, who played Maj. Margaret ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan. Swit, in a statement, remembered Farrell with fondness, describing her as a beautiful person both in character and appearance. Swit’s tribute highlighted the close-knit nature of the “MASH” cast and the strong bonds they formed over the years.

Judy Farrell’s personal life also intersected with her professional one. She was married to actor Mike Farrell, known for his role as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt in “MAS*H.”

Their marriage, however, ended in divorce in 1983. In 1985, Farrell embarked on a new chapter in her personal life by marrying Joe Bratcher, her second husband.

The news of Judy Farrell’s passing was shared by her son, Michael Farrell, with TMZ. He revealed that she had suffered a stroke nine days prior to her death, which resulted in her hospitalization. In her final days, although she was unable to speak, she remained conscious and was able to communicate her love and recognition to her family and friends through hand squeezes.

Her son’s statement paints a poignant picture of Judy Farrell’s last moments, surrounded by loved ones who cherished her deeply. The affection and closeness shared between Farrell and her family and friends were evident, providing comfort in her final hours.

In her statement to Entertainment Weekly, Loretta Swit expressed her deep sorrow over Farrell’s passing. “We grew up together. She was family. This has been a painful loss, but we will always have the beauty of her memory. Rest in peace, Nurse Able,” Swit said. Her words underscored the profound impact Farrell had on those she worked with and the lasting memories she left behind.

Judy Farrell’s legacy in the world of television is marked not only by the diverse roles she played but also by the relationships she nurtured off-screen. Her contributions to shows like “MAS*H” and “Port Charles” are a testament to her talent and creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

As news of her passing spread, fans and colleagues alike mourned the loss of a remarkable actress and writer. Her impact on the entertainment world extends beyond her on-screen performances, as she touched the lives of many through her warm personality and artistic endeavors.

Farrell’s journey from a television actress to a prolific writer is a story of versatility and adaptability in the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry. Her ability to transition seamlessly between acting and writing roles exemplifies her multifaceted talent and her passion for storytelling.

In conclusion, Judy Farrell’s life and career were characterized by her profound impact on the television industry, her meaningful personal relationships, and her artistic versatility. As the entertainment world and her loved ones mourn her passing, they also celebrate the rich legacy she leaves behind. Her memory continues to inspire and influence, embodying the spirit of a true artist whose work and character have left a lasting impression.

Farrell is survived by her husband and her two children, Michael and Erin.

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