Earlier this year, Valerie Bertinelli revealed her struggles with mental health and being subjected to ridicule about her appearance. Unfortunately, more sad news has emerged regarding the actress.

In a recent Instagram video, Bertinelli shared some good news and bad news about her cooking show, “Valerie’s Home Cooking,” on the Food Network. She first revealed that the 14th season of her show will soon be airing with multiple new episodes for fans to enjoy.

However, she then shared the unfortunate news that the 14th season would also be the final season of her show. Bertinelli appeared visibly saddened as she delivered this news, ending the series on a poignant note.

It was not Valerie Bertinelli’s decision to end her cooking show; the Food Network was the one who opted to cancel the series. Bertinelli disclosed that she learned about the cancellation in the summer, but did not share the news with her fans initially, hoping that the network would reconsider their decision. Unfortunately, they did not, prompting Bertinelli to reveal the truth in her recent Instagram video.

Bertinelli went on to express just how much the show meant to her, stating that it was a dream come true and that every aspect of it brought her immense joy. Despite the disappointment of the show’s cancellation, she remains grateful for the experiences and memories she gained from the series.

Multiple fans turned to the comments to share their sadness about “Valerie’s Home Cooking” coming to an end. One fan wrote, “Ohhhhh noooooooo. I love love your show, but more because of your transparency and the love you give through television. I hope and pray that you will be in another show where you can continue your journey and to share with us all.”

One fan expressed their disappointment, stating, “There are a couple of other shows I would love to have them cancel, but not yours! I always enjoyed your show a lot!” While another fan suggested, “Some other network should pick it up, and I think you would be great at having your own talk show.”

Many fans are surprised by the Food Network’s decision to cancel “Valerie’s Home Cooking,” and it remains unclear why the network made this choice. While some speculate that it could be due to declining viewership or a change in programming strategy, no official explanation has been given.

As for whether Bertinelli will land another show on a different network, only time will tell. Many fans have expressed their support for her and hope to see her return to television in the near future.

Valerie Bertinelli was born in Wilmington, Delaware, to Nancy (Carvin) and Andrew Francis Bertinelli, Jr., a General Motors executive, and raised with her one older and two younger brothers. In her early teens, her father was transferred to a GM assembly plant in the Detroit, Michigan area and her family resided in Clarkston, Michigan, where she attended Clarkston Middle School. A short time later, her father again was transferred to another GM automotive plant in Van Nuys, California.