American Pickers (or also known as The Pickers for international) is an American reality television series that premiered on January 18, 2010, on the History channel, produced by A&E Television Networks in collaboration with Cineflix Media.

In the series, the hosts travel across America in search of rare Americana artifacts and national treasures that they can buy from the collectors to add to their personal collections or sell in their antique shops.

The show follows antique and collectible pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, who travel around the United States to buy (or “pick”) various items for resale, for clients, or for their personal collections.

Danielle Colby runs the office of Wolfe’s business, Antique Archaeology,[1] from their home base in LeClaire, Iowa, and more recently at a second location in Nashville. They originally traveled in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van and now in a Ford Transit.

Fritz sells his acquisitions at his own shop and on his website,[2] Frank Fritz Finds, upriver in Savanna, Illinois.

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend Leticia Cline mourns tragic loss on milestone day and opens up about grief

Leticia explained that Saturday would have been his 72nd birthday.

She wrote: “His loss rearranged our world, but he taught us to be strong.”

He taught his daughter how to shoot a gun, fix her car, and repair her home before he died.

She continued to say: “We have lived with the courage to suffer and we rebuilt ourselves from the foundation he gave us.”

Leticia admitted that she wishes her dad was still around, and so do her siblings.

She finished by saying: “He was our hero, the healer, protector and fixer of all things.

“However, even though he may be gone, his presence is all around us.”


Leticia and Mike, 59, previously shared a passionate kiss.

The American Pickers star has recently been enjoying life outside of the show since its ratings have dropped.

Now, Mike has given fans a glimpse into his relationship with his girlfriend in a video shared on social media.

The reality star and his partner appeared in a behind-the-scenes clip as they filmed a mystery project together.

In the clip, they played with horses, walked down the street, chatted with producers, and rode in one of the TV personality’s antique cars.

One heartwarming scene showed Mike twirling Leticia as they danced in a cobblestone square.

The pair swayed back and forth, smiling brightly as they enjoyed each other’s company.

The antique collector leaned in for a rare on-camera smooch mid-dance move as they laughed in their romantic moment.


Leticia has shown off her massive arm tattoos in a sexy new photoshoot and interview.

She spoke with a British magazine on a wide range of topics.

She discussed her adventurous life as a writer, motorcycle racer, cancer survivor, and retired politician.

In the accompanying photo spread, Leticia posed in various sexy locales around her hometown of Cave City, Kentucky.