During his recent visit to Vietnam, President Biden made several embarrassing gaffes that not only reflected poorly on him, but also on America as a whole.

The most cringe-worthy moment came when he referred to Vietnam as a “third-world country” during a press conference, only to be abruptly cut off as he stumbled to correct himself by using more politically correct terms like “global south” and “developing nation.”

While the term “third world” may still be commonly used to describe countries like Vietnam, it has become increasingly outdated and is considered insensitive by some.

This shift in language is particularly evident in more politically correct circles, including the left-leaning communities. Biden’s staff and the Vietnamese officials present at the press conference were likely taken aback by his use of the term.

In the video footage, Biden can be heard saying, “We talked about what we talked about at the conference overall. We talked about stability. We talked about making sure that the Third World — the — excuse me — ‘Third World’ — the — the — the Southern Hemisphere had access to change, it had access — We — it wasn’t confrontational at all. He came up to me. He said…”.

However, before Biden could finish his sentence, KJP, the conference moderator, promptly ended the press conference by thanking everyone. Biden continued to mumble, but KJP made it clear that the press conference was over.

This wasn’t the only instance where Biden used the term “third world” and then struggled to correct himself. At another point, he mentioned India and said, “But, no, look — for example, one of the things we did in — in India: We provided for a new path that’s going to save everybody money, increase the Third World — ‘the Third World’ — the — the Global South’s capacity to grow…”. Once again, he stumbled over his words while trying to correct his choice of terminology.

These gaffes were not the only source of embarrassment during Biden’s press conference. He also appeared confused and even admitted to simply following his staff’s orders on which journalists to call on.

In the clip, Biden can be heard saying, “For — and let’s see. I’m just following my orders here. Staff, is there anybody I haven’t spoken to? No, I ain’t calling on you. I’m calling on — I said there were five questions.” It was evident that Biden was struggling to maintain a clear train of thought and navigate through the press conference smoothly.

In addition to these awkward moments, Biden also used the term “dog-faced pony soldier” and attempted to explain its origins. He recounted a scene from a John Wayne movie where an Indian scout refers to a Union soldier as a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

Biden then tied this anecdote to the issue of global warming, claiming that there are “lying, dog-faced pony soldiers” who deny its existence. This convoluted explanation only added to the confusion and perplexity surrounding Biden’s remarks.

It is clear that Biden’s trip to Vietnam was marred by embarrassing gaffes and moments of confusion. These instances not only reflect poorly on the President, but also raise concerns about his ability to effectively communicate and represent the United States on the international stage.