Britain’s royal family is facing delicate moments after the announcement made by King Charles and Kate Middleton regarding their battle against cancer.

While the two receive the necessary treatment, the recent actions of members of the Royal Family have sparked speculation about the health of Princess Kate Middleton.

A sign that Princess Kate Middleton’s health is getting worse
Speculation about the health of the Princess of Wales has increased after Prince William announced that he will not attend the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) scheduled for October 24, 2024 in Samoa. The reason given was the need to stay by his wife’s side during these difficult times.

This decision raised questions about the seriousness of Kate Middleton’s situation. Although Prince William was expected to stand in for King Charles at CHOGM, his absence fueled speculation about Princess Kate’s health. Many interpreted the decision as an indication that her health was more serious than first thought.

Prince William’s decision raised concerns
However, the Royal Family did not provide further details about the evolution of the Princess’s health. William’s decision to stay by his wife’s side during these difficult times has generated speculation and concern among the public.

“Attendance at CHOGM is not something William can undertake at the moment due to Kate’s health and although Anne and other members of the royal family are doing a great job of filling in the gaps, they are not seen as having sufficient rank to high to represent the sovereign as the leader of the Commonwealth,” Express UK notes.