In a world where love is often fleeting, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan have defied the odds with their enduring love story. Despite facing significant challenges, including Michael’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, this couple has remained strong for over 35 years. Let’s take a closer look at their remarkable journey.

Early Years and Meeting

Michael J. Fox was born on June 9, 1961, in Edmonton, Canada. His childhood was marked by frequent relocations due to his father’s service in the Canadian Armed Forces. Eventually, his family settled in Burnaby, British Columbia, where he attended high school. It was there, during drama classes, that he discovered his passion for acting.

Encouraged by his teacher, Michael took on a role in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation series called “Leo & Me.” This early experience laid the foundation for his successful career in both television and theater. At the age of 17, driven by his dream to become an actor, Michael made the bold decision to move to Los Angeles.

A Fateful Meeting

While working on the set of the hit TV show “Family Ties,” Michael J. Fox crossed paths with Tracy Pollan. Instantly smitten, he recalls developing a crush on her right away. Their connection grew stronger over the years until, one day, Tracy played him a song that perfectly captured their deep bond. It was a James Taylor song called “That’s Why I’m Here,” and through its lyrics, Michael knew that Tracy understood him on a profound level.

Tracy, who had known Michael for only a short period, recognized that he was veering down a dangerous path of excessive partying and potential self-destruction. Their paths diverged for a while, but fate brought them back together when Tracy auditioned for a film called “Bright Lights, Big City” that Michael was working on. He asked about her boyfriend, to which she replied that they were no longer together. Taking this as a sign, Michael seized the opportunity and asked Tracy out to lunch. And so began their love story, culminating in their marriage just two years later.

Building a Beautiful Family

In 1988, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan exchanged vows, solidifying their commitment to each other. Their marriage was blessed with four children: Sam Michael Fox in 1989, twins Schuyler Frances and Aquinnah Kathleen in 1995, and daughter Esme Annabelle in 2001. Their family brought them immeasurable happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis

In 1991, at the age of 29, Michael J. Fox received devastating news—he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Initially, he attributed his symptoms to a sports injury, but the truth was far more challenging. Despite the uncertainty and fear, Tracy stood by his side, offering unwavering support.

Michael vividly recalls sharing the diagnosis with Tracy, and to his immense relief, she didn’t hesitate or waver in her commitment to him. She was his rock, his source of strength, and together they faced the unknown future with courage and resilience.

Steadfast Support

Throughout their journey with Parkinson’s Disease, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to each other. They have weathered many storms, overcoming various health challenges Michael faced related to the disease. From spinal surgery to multiple broken bones, they have faced these trials as a united front.

Their secret to success lies in their ability to truly listen to and support each other. They intuitively understand when space is needed and when to provide comfort. Tracy’s love and dedication have been the bedrock of their family, and Michael acknowledges that everything good in their lives emanates from her.

Hope for the Future

Despite the hardships they have faced, Michael J. Fox remains optimistic. Advances in medical research and technology bring hope for a brighter future. The Michael J. Fox Foundation, established by the couple, continues to fund groundbreaking research aimed at eradicating Parkinson’s Disease once and for all.

Michael expresses his gratitude for the support of patients, families, and researchers who are fighting alongside them. Together, they are breaking down barriers and paving the way for transformative change in Parkinson’s care.


Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan’s love story is a testament to the power of enduring love, unwavering support, and resilience in the face of adversity. Their journey inspires us to cherish and nurture our own relationships, no matter the challenges we may encounter.