Michael Strahan's daughter in extreme pain during chemotherapy for brain cancer

Isabella Strahan, daughter of renowned television personality Michael Strahan, recently shared a raw and heart-wrenching update on her battle with brain cancer.

The 20-year-old opened up about her experiences with chemotherapy in a candid vlog on her YouTube channel titled “Vlog 8: Recovering from Chemo at home.” Isabella displayed tremendous bravery as she spoke about the intense physical pain she has been enduring throughout her treatment journey.

In the video, Isabella described her ordeal, speaking honestly about the agony she feels. She compared the pain to a “heart attack” as she attempted to alleviate her headache by applying an ice pack to her newly shaved head.

“Everything hurts,” she confessed, expressing the strain she feels in her eyes, mouth, and jaw. Isabella shared that her eyes are strained and painful when she tries to look to the sides. Her entire mouth feels like it had undergone multiple root canals, and her jaw hurts. Even swallowing water causes discomfort at the bottom of her tongue.

Isabella went on to reveal her preference for radiation or brain surgery over chemotherapy due to the excruciating pain it inflicts on her body.

She referred to this journey as the longest and hardest one she has ever faced. Isabella expressed her fear of the unknown, worrying about potential complications during treatment.

Every symptom or discomfort she experiences feels like a red flag, heightening her anxiety. The fear of having a heart attack, her eyes ceasing to function, or her teeth decaying and falling out weighs heavily on her mind.

Despite the immense challenges she faces, Isabella shared her gratitude for being back home and sleeping in her own bed. While she felt secure in the hospital, she understands the comfort of being in familiar surroundings. The vlog also gave a glimpse of Isabella’s hospital stay and cherished moments spent with her father, Michael Strahan, and her twin sister, Sophia Strahan.

Isabella’s update comes after she and her father made her diagnosis public in an emotional segment on Good Morning America. She recounted the symptoms she experienced leading up to her diagnosis, initially dismissing headaches and nausea as nothing serious.

However, a terrifying moment occurred when she woke up vomiting blood, prompting her to seek medical help. After a series of tests, Isabella was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor known as a medulloblastoma.

This diagnosis led to Michael Strahan’s temporary absence from GMA for over three weeks due to “personal family matters,” which were not disclosed at the time.

In the face of all these challenges, Isabella remains resilient. She completed her last round of radiation in January after taking proactive measures to freeze her eggs in response to her diagnosis. Our thoughts and prayers are with Isabella and her family during these incredibly trying times.


Isabella Strahan’s battle with brain cancer is an emotional journey that showcases her immense strength and determination. Despite the excruciating pain involved in her treatment, she remains resilient and hopeful.

Isabella’s story serves as a reminder to appreciate the familiarity and comfort of home and the importance of family support during difficult times. Let us come together as a community to send our love and positive energy to Isabella and her family as they navigate this challenging chapter in their lives.