This woman only ate one piece of bread a day for 5 years – but look at her now

Eating disorders continue to be a battle for many individuals worldwide, regardless of societal efforts to promote self-acceptance and realistic body standards.

In Derbyshire, a woman named Annie Windley has courageously shared her story of overcoming anorexia in the hopes of inspiring and helping others who are struggling with the same challenges.

At her lowest point, Annie weighed a mere 29kg, putting her at significant risk of a heart attack. But now, she stands as a testament to the incredible strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Annie before and after her recovery

Living in the tranquil village of Woolley Moor, 21-year-old Annie has battled anorexia for over five years. Throughout her journey, she has endured countless hospitalizations, medical therapy, and moments of intensive care.

However, Annie found solace and strength in her love for running, which ultimately played a pivotal role in her recovery. In fact, she accomplished an extraordinary feat by completing the Chesterfield Half Marathon in October of last year.

Reflecting on her remarkable transformation, Annie remarked, “Recovery is an awe-inspiring process that should be filled with excitement, unforgettable moments, and a sense of wonder.

While anorexia may always be a part of me, I have learned to take control and shift my focus away from food. It is never too late to change for the better.”

Annie sharing her story

Annie received her initial diagnosis of an eating disorder in 2012. Two years later, she embarked on her recovery journey, encountering numerous obstacles along the way, including being sectioned and experiencing severe weight loss that rendered her unable to stand.

However, in October 2017, something within Annie shifted, and she found herself fighting harder than ever before. “I can’t pinpoint exactly what triggered this change, but this time, I was doing it for myself,” she shared.

The battle against anorexia was nothing short of arduous, marked by excruciating emotions and unwavering bravery. Yet, Annie triumphed over adversity and regained her health.

She proudly announced, “In the past four months, I have gained three stones, and I am now at my heaviest weight since 2014.”

Annie’s perspective on life underwent a profound transformation. She realized that one’s behavior, kindness towards others, and level of compassion are what truly matter, surpassing the significance of one’s weight.

“These are the things that bring happiness and meaning to your life,” Annie emphasized. Rather than obsessing over food or stressing about restriction, she encouraged focusing on being a loving daughter, a supportive friend, and embracing moments of joy and laughter. Annie running during her recovery

Exercise, known for its positive impact on mental health, played an integral role in Annie’s recovery journey. Her passion for running served as a guiding light, keeping her on track and providing meaningful goals to strive for.

Participating in Chesterfield’s annual half marathon played a significant role in her recovery. With dedication and effort, Annie conquered the grueling course, all while ticking off the kilometers during her training.

Annie during her recovery

Every morning, as Annie laces up her running shoes and embarks on her run, she reminds herself of the precious nature of life. “Now that I am healthy, I cherish the freedom I have.

I no longer waste time worrying about food or counting calories because I am blessed with strong legs and a vibrant heart. Exercise shouldn’t be a form of punishment but rather a celebration of what our bodies can achieve,” she ardently expressed.

Annie acknowledged that she spent years avoiding certain foods, as anorexia had transformed everyday items like pizza and chocolate into mere numbers and percentages. However, she happily shared that her perspective has shifted.

Looking back on her journey, Annie warmly advises others who resonate with her experience, saying, “There will be tough days when you feel terrible about yourself, when you feel ‘fat,’ have no desire to eat, and doubt whether recovery is even possible. But it is precisely for these reasons that we must keep going.”

“We must show our disorders that we have the strength to overcome them. We refuse to spend our lives filled with unhappiness and regret, mourning the experiences we missed due to anorexia.” Annie’s triumphant journey is an inspiration to us all. Annie's full story

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