He demands a divorce in letter to wife – instantly regrets every word when he sees her brilliant reply

Some stories have a way of warming our hearts and bringing joy to our lives. In a world that can sometimes feel grim and serious, a funny anecdote is always a welcome break.

Whether you’ve come across this story before or it’s completely new to you, it’s guaranteed to make you chuckle. This entertaining saga has all the ingredients of a great story – drama, revenge, and an unexpected twist at the end.

The Husband’s Letter

The story starts with a letter from a husband who is asking his wife for a divorce. He expresses his frustrations, claiming that he has been a devoted husband for seven years, but has nothing to show for it. He recounts the last two weeks as pure agony, stating that the final straw was when he received a call from his wife’s boss, informing him that she had quit her job.

Feeling unappreciated, the husband goes on to detail how his wife has neglected their relationship. He mentions various instances where she seemed disinterested and distant. He asserts that she either no longer loves him or is having an affair. In a fit of anger, he declares that he is leaving and will make a fresh start with the help of the wife’s sister in West Virginia.

The Wife’s Hilarious Response

However, the husband’s plans to leave are met with an unexpected and brilliant reply from his wife. In her letter, she begins by acknowledging the divorce request, but instead of reacting with anger or sadness, she reveals her true feelings. She candidly states that she’s actually thrilled by his decision.

The wife goes on to address each of her husband’s complaints in a witty and sarcastic manner. She confesses that she watches her favorite soap operas to drown out his constant whining and gripes. She humorously remarks on his new haircut, suggesting that he resembles a girl. Rather than mentioning her distaste, she follows her mother’s advice to say nothing if she can’t say something nice.

Additionally, she points out his mistake in cooking her favorite meal, as she had stopped eating pork seven years ago. The wife also brings attention to the price tag still attached to the new silk boxers he wore, hilariously implying that he may have mixed up her with her sister. She playfully suggests that he should have noticed the $50 his sister borrowed from her earlier that day.

Despite their disagreements, the wife reveals that she had actually won $10 million in the lottery. In an act of love, she quit her job with the intention of taking her husband on a dream vacation to Jamaica. However, upon returning home, she discovered that he had already left. Although hurt, she accepts that everything happens for a reason and wishes him a fulfilling life.

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A Happy Ending

The story concludes with the wife revealing that her lawyer has informed her that her husband’s bitter letter ensures he will not receive any of her fortune. In a lighthearted manner, she signs off as “Your Ex-Wife, Rich As Hell & Free!” This unexpected twist adds another layer of humor to the tale, leaving readers with a sense of satisfaction and amusement.

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